Barry Donadio Just Released His 3rd Book | Mar. 15th 2023

Barry Donadio does it again with releasing his 3rd book. Donadio just released a book that documents the history of three Brooklyn, New York families that ultimately connect to his bloodline. 

This is an investigative report of family history investigation of the McMahon, Matthews and Biggs families of Brooklyn, New York.

Ultimately these families interlock into the Ford, Davis, Creeley, Pfaff, Shefar, Kurman and Donadio families. All of these are linked through blood or marriage to the first settlers of New York (New Amsterdam) through the Mathews family. 

Information was compiled through multiple sources that includes word of mouth from credible informants, census documents, birth certificates, death certificates, cross reference historical documents, photos, and other means. 

In the cases that we do not know information, a hypothesis was made. Use this information and clues to assist you in completing your family history.

This report was completed by prestigious Private Detective Barry Donadio (A descendant of the McMahon, Mathews and Biggs families of Canarsie, Brooklyn, New York). 

Use this information to link your family tree.

Barry Donadio Appears In Recent Book 2023

Barry Donadio is proud to be featured in this book “Military Police Regimental History 1941 to 2018 ” noting his service in the U.S. Army Military Police and other military units.

Donadio loves this book! This is a very well made hard cover book that documents the history of the U.S. Army Military Police . Don’t let the title throw you off. The book documents the Military Police all the way back to George Washington who created them. The book offers many never before seen military pictures and loads of biographies of real life present and past Military Police Officers.

See Barry Donadio’s bio on page 191.

Public Security LLC Donates Surveillance Drone To Ukraine

On November 28th 2022, Public Security LLC donated a surveillance drone to the armed forces of Ukraine through the United24 initiative. Public Security LLC is the security firm founded and led by Barry Donadio who is a former member of the U.S. Secret Service.

Public Security LLC donated one of their surveillance drones to the Ukrainian armed forces through the United24 initiative. According to Wikipedia, United24 is a global initiative to support Ukraine launched on May 5, 2022 by the Ukrainian authorities during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Barry Donadio stated “ We have donated one of our surveillance drones that meet the desired specifications of drones requested by the Ukrainian armed forces for self defense.”

Donadio did not specify exactly which drone Public Security LLC donated but state that it was an unarmed drone.

Public Security LLC


Barry Donadio Endorses Trump For President 2024

5/27/14- The National Press Club- Washington DC Billionaire Entrepreneur Donald Trump speaks with National Press Club Audience about the future of America. photo: Christy Bowe – ImageCatcher News

On November 27th 2022, Barry Donadio a Conservative Republican Politician and Sergeant At Arms of the Maryland Republican Party endorsed Donald Trump for President of the United States for the 2024 election.

Donadio said “ I endorse and support President Donald Trump because he has been a great contributor to the safety and security of the United States. Trump has always supported our military, law enforcement and our first responders. He has always put Americans first. All of us before the criminal and he never supported defunding the police.“

“I remember the days during the last Trump administration when food, gasoline and electricity were affordable. I also remember those same days when the United States was respected as the true superpower that was and currently is. We should also remember that under Trumps last presidency, there were no new wars and no humiliating cases of retreat by U.S. armed forces.

Donadio said: “ Trump is our best choice for President and he has a proven track record of rejuvenating the U.S. economy so that all Americans can prosper.”

“President Trump will continue to protect the second amendment. He will not blame every instance of violence seen on tv on our gun rights.”

“ We need to revisit talks with North Korea. To not be talking to them is really counterproductive to world peace. Trump received not one ounce of credit for meeting with the leader of North Korea. Now, we see the value of those talks in the past with North Korea launching missile tests on a constant basis. Trump is the man to bring the U.S. back to talking with some of our opponents and resolving our differences.”

“Vote Trump in 2024″ says Donadio

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Barry Donadio Instructing Wear & Carry 16 Hour Training In Maryland

Instructor Barry Donadio teaches a 16 hour wear & carry class to new handgun owners

Pistol Instructor Barry Donadio is teaching a 16 hour Wear & Carry Training event on August 6th and August 21st, 2022 at the American Legion Post 278 Stevensville, Maryland.

The June 23rd 2022 Supreme Court ruling regarding carrying handguns for self defense has changed things quite a bit for Donadio’s security firm Public Security LLC. He is now one of the most sort out people in Maryland by people wanting to obtain their handgun permit fast. Donadio focuses on the tactical aspect of carrying a handgun and trains his students to win a gun fight in the case there are confronted with one. Donadio estimates that their may be up to 800,000 wear & carry permit applications submitted. This would make wait periods to obtain your licese potentially a year or more. He says “Get the training and application submitted now.”


Celebrity Author Barry Donadio To Hold Book Signing In Holtsville, New York On July 16th 2022

Celebrity Author Barry Donadio

Celebrity Author Barry Donadio will be conducting a signing and book release for his second book “That Day When Hell Froze Over”. The event will take place on July 16th 2022 from 7pm to 9pm at the Holiday Inn located at 1730 North Ocean Ave.,Holtsville, New York 11742. All members of the public are welcome to attend and meet Barry Donadio.

Donadio will be conducting a book signing for his 1st published book ” TWA Flight 800 First Responder Witness Account. He will also be focusing on promoting during this event his 2nd published book “That Day When Hell Froze Over” which was released in August of 2019 just prior to the pandemic. The books release has not been properly celebrated with a book release because of the Pandemic until now.

Donadio gained fame when he published his book “TWA Flight 800 First Responder Witness Account” in September of 2013. Since then, he has been busy when he entered politics and by leading his private security firm. He has also sanctioned himself as an advocate for military veterans, first responders and he is vocal with his support of the second amendment.

TWA Flight 800 First Responder Witness Account

Donadio’s book is the only book on the market that was written by someone who was actually at the scene of the crash of TWA Flight 800 on July 17th, 1996. Barry Donadio was one of the first responding Emergency Medical Technicians that responding to the disaster. Never before released witness account of the events that unfolded on the night of July 17th, 1996.

He was a 25-year-old Emergency Medical Technician that responded to the TWA Flight 800 Crash. He was a member of the local East Moriches, New York Ambulance that responded to the disaster on that fateful evening.

The interesting fact is that Barry Donadio was also employed as a USAF Security Police Officer at the same military base that some circles blame for shooting down the plane (The 106th Rescue Wing at Gabreski ANG Base, Westhampton Beach, NY). He later became a USAF Security Police Investigator at that same unit.

In 2002, he obtained a position in the United States Secret Service at the White House. He served the Bush and Obama administrations.

This account offers a look inside the Coast Guard Station at East Moriches, where the victims of TWA Flt. 800 were brought that evening. It offers some clues that may support your opinion as to what may have truly happened to the plane and why it may have crashed. Donadio includes in the book many of his experiences as a Firefighter on Long Island leading up to the plane crash.

Descriptions of the some of the victim’s fates are included in the account as well as other interesting anomalies that were observed on that evening. Not for persons under the age of 18 years old.

The witness account has undergone United States Government censorship, but the author documents were in the account that censorships took place.

NOTE: This book does not offer an opinion or theory for the reason why the aircraft crashed. It is written as an impartial witness account.

Donadio’s brilliant new historical fiction book “That Day When Hell Froze Over” takes place over a thousand years ago in present-day Afghanistan and Iran. It is a mystical depiction of warfare of that time with interesting characters. An elite force of newly created catholic knights called the “Spada Furtiva” are created by the Pope. They are ordered by the Pope to drive deep into enemy territory on a secret mission. They are sent as far as modern day Iran. The knights were the best trained and most discipline that the Vatican had at the time. They encounter many dangers along their expedition. The most dangerous thing that they encounter is a small group of females from the region of Afghanistan. The Knights are later forced to battle the dammed of Hell, including Satan himself.

After some setbacks in a battle against Satan’s demons, the Angel Gabriel appears and arms the knights with weapons and the knowledge to use them. Satan becomes gravely concern as his demons begin to fall in numbers at the hand of the Spada Furtiva.

That Day When Hell Froze Over by Barry Donadio

Donadio published his new book in the form of paperback and ebook through is firm Public Security LLC.

“That Day When Hell Froze Over”, has been assigned ISBN: 9781731512833 and can be purchased on Amazon.

Keep updated by visiting Barry Donadio’s official website Barry Donadio’s Facebook page or his official Twitter page

During the event Donadio will also have soft cover books on sale by supporting Authors.

Love And The Practice Of Virtue Relating To God By Catholic Priest Rev. Benedict Faneye, OP. and close friend of Barry Donadio.

This book will bring you closer to God and strengthen your Catholic understanding of love, virtue and the Catholic Church.

El Poder De La Sangre (The Power Of The Blood) by the now deceased Hector Sancez Delatorre. This book will teach you the way to a successful Christian life. (Spanish Version, Soft Cover)

Donadio is recommending a newly released book by Christy Bowe that he is featured in named “Eyes That Speak” . Donadio will not have any Christy Bowe’s books on hand for sale, but the book can be purchased on Amazon

RSVP by email to are appreciated but not necessary for this event. Some light refreshments will be served. Donadio will also be taken pictures with everyone.

Donadio will also take questions from the public regarding both of his books and the events surrounding TWA Flight 800.

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Barry Donadio Endorses Lee Zeldin For New York Governor

On June 23rd 2022, Conservative Republican Politician Barry Donadio endorsed Lee Zeldin for Governor of New York in the 2022 election. Donadio says it’s time to get back on track.

Donadio said; “There is only one choice for New York’s next Governor and it is Lee Zeldin. There is no one else that I would trust in this position that would be capable of fixing New York.”

“Lee Zeldin is a proven and true leader that is worthy to be New York’s top political leader” said Donadio.

Donadio went on to say; “I am a native Long Islander and I want a Governor for my home state that leads from the front like Zeldin. He is currently in the military and that means alot to me and many of my New York supporters. It shows that he will get down in the trenches like the rest of us in order to secure our freedoms against all challenges. Zeldin has a proven track record of standing up for the interests of all New Yorkers and he has always put Americans first. His strong support for our police and our military veterans has gone unmatched. I have no doubt that Zeldin will work to correct some of the bizarre and sick anti-police culture that we have experienced recently. With Zeldin, victims will come before criminal offenders do. I am willing to bank on that. I am 100% confident that Zeldin will do what is in the best interest for all New Yorkers regardless of party affiliation.”

Donadio is encouraging all his supporters to assist the Zeldin campaign and or make a contribution in support of Zeldin for Governor of New York .

Congressman Lee Zeldin’s proven track record

Lee Zeldin for New York Governor website

Barry Donadio Official website

Barry Donadio Endorses Andy Harris For U.S. Congress in Maryland’s 1st District 2022

On June 23rd 2022, Conservative Republican Politician Barry Donadio endorsed Dr. Andy Harris for U.S. Congress in Maryland’s 1st District for the 2022 election.

One thing is for sure, Donadio likes conservative Republicans who protect the second amendment and fight for the police and a strong U.S. Military. He also backs pro-life politicians like Andy Harris.

Donadio said: I will be voting for and fully supporting Dr. Andy Harris for U.S. Congress for Maryland’s District 1 on election day.”

Donadio always described Dr. Andy Harris as a people’s Congressmen that is focused on providing the best service to all the people he represents in his district.

“ I have seen him with my own eyes zealously defend attacks on the second amendment, pro-life and our law enforcement.” I have also seen him do everything in his power to assist veterans and fight for their rights.” said Donadio.

Donadio is encouraging all his supporters to assist the Harris campaign and make a contribution.

Donadio Endorses Nicolee Ambrose for U.S. Congress in Maryland’s 2nd District

On June 23rd 2022, Republican Politician Barry Donadio endorsed Nicolee Ambrose She is running in Maryland’s 2nd district for U.S. Congress.

Barry Donadio said, “We need a true conservative Republican elected to such an important Congressional seat. We do not need a Republican in name only. I am fully confident that Ambrose will represent the people of Maryland with strong leadership and fairness for all”

“Ambrose has been a supporter of the minority community and has always stood for justice for all. She will put victims before criminals and bring law and order back to Maryland”

In June 2019, Ambrose arranged and supported a visit from Dr. Alveda King to Maryland. King reached out to minorities in order to successfully build relationships between them and the Maryland Republican Party.

Donadio also said “Ambrose continues to bring positivity and professionalism to the Republican Party through her leadership. She continues to be a person who constantly works to improve party policies and relationships. Her devotion and ability to mentor other Republicans is another one of her many wonderful traits. Many have benefited by her expertise.”

Donadio served as the Sergeant at Arms of the Maryland Republican Party MDGOP since 2017. Donadio is not the only Sergeant at Arms that has endorsed Ambrose for her Congressional race in 2022. Chris Fiora who served as the MDGOP Sergeant at Arms prior to Donadio has also endorsed Ambrose and pledged his support.

Donadio stated that Ambrose is the right choice for Maryland if they want to make Maryland taxes lower, increase opportunity and have justice for all.

Barry Donadio Sgt at Arms MDGOP

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Barry Donadio Awarded Conspicuous Service Star By New York Governor

On May 18th, 2022, Barry Donadio was awarded New York State’s Conspicuous Service Star medal by New York Governor Kathy Hochul. The Governor presented the medal to Donadio on behalf of Representivtives in the New York legislature 20 years after he served in the military. The medal commemorates his honorable service in the Armed Forces and the State of New York.

Barry Donadio is a home grown New Yorker from Long Island. He was born in Bay Shore, grew up in Oakdale and lived in Port Jefferson Station as a teenager. After attending Comsewogue high school, he served in various patriotic positions through out his career.

SPC Barry Donadio of the 340th Military Police seen here at Fort Totten, Queens, New York in 1991

Those positions included serving in the N.Y. Army National Guard 42nd Infantry Division Scout Platoon located in Patchogue N.Y.. He then served in the 340th Military Police in Jamaica, Queens. After that, he served at the 106th Security Police in Westhampton Beach, NY.. He led the Emergency Services Team there and was Sniper certified by the FBI and the Suffolk County Police.

SSgt Barry Donadio 10th Security Police Operation Northern Watch, October 2000

Later, he took a position United States Secret Service at the White House. He made a name for himself while serving on the Secret Service Emergency Response Team (ERT) as one of the top marksman while he protected President Bush and President Obama on a daily basis.

Barry Donadio United States Secret Service Emergency Response Team 2009 (Photo by Christy Bowe, Imagecather News)

Donadio qualified under the standards and criteria’s for obtaining New York’s Conspicuous Service Star as described below:

To whom awarded:

  • Current New York State citizen, or
  • New York State citizen while serving on federal active duty, and
  • A current of former full-time military person serving in the Armed Forces of the United States or allied forces for purposes other than training since 6 April, 1917; Active Guard/Reserve(AGR) excepted, and
  • Who is currently serving under honorable conditions or who has been honorably discharged from active duty.


The Conspicuous Service Star may be awarded to any current New York State citizen or person who was a New York State citizen while serving on federal active duty; whose entire service was honorable and who were recepients of a unit commendations arising from combat while serving in the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard. The award of the New York State Conspicuous Service Star is based on prior award of at least one of the following unit commendations:

  • Distinguished Unit Citation/Presidential Unit Citation (Army/Navy/Air Force)
  • Joint Meritorious Unit Award
  • Valorous Unit Award
  • Meritorious Unit Commendation (Army)
  • Navy Unit Commendation
  • Meritorious Unit Commendation (Navy-Marine Corps)
  • Coast Guard Unit Commendation
  • Air Force Outstanding Unit Award
  • Air Force Organizational Excellence Award
  • Coast Guard Meritorious Unit Commendation
  • Air Force Gallant Unit Citation
  • Air Force Meritorious Unit Award

All awards listed above with the exception of the Presidential Unit Citation and Unit Award requires additional evidence that award was made for combat participation.

  • French Fourragere
  • French Croix de Guerre (World War I and World War 11)
  • French Medal Militaire
  • Belgian Fourragere
  • Belgian Croix de Guerre
  • Luxembourg Croix de Guerre
  • Netherlands Orange Lanyard
  • Military Order of William (Netherlands)
  • Croce al Merito di Guerra (Italy)
  • Orden de Torre E Espada (Portugal)
  • Philippine Republic Presidential -Unit Citation (awarded prior to 1945)
  • Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation
  • Chyssoun Aristion Andrias (Greece)
  • Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation


This medal shall be awarded only to those persons whose entire service was honorable and who were recepients of a unit commendation arising from combat. The New York State Conspicuous Service Star may be awarded posthumously to a designated survivor of the deceased. Not more than one New York State Conspicuous Service Star shall be awarded to any one person. For each succeeding award a medal device (New York State Shield) will be attached to the suspension ribbon and/or ribbon bar. These devices shall be:


to represent one additional award.


to represent five additional awards

In this presentation, Donadio was awarded 2 Silver Shields which is fixed in the middle of the ribbon.

New York State Conspicuous Service Star Medal

Upon receiving the medal Donadio stated;

I would like to thank New York Governor Kathy Hochal and the New York state legislature for recognizing my military service and awarding me the Conspicuous Service Star medal.”

“Receiving this honor has become a high point in my life and I hope it encourages young men and women to become the next generation of New York patriot solders that will serve our country. “

“Although my military career has come to a close, I will always serve the people of New York in various positive ways and protect our country.”

Donadio’s newly awarded medal will serve as a memento of his honorable service in the Armed Forces and the State of New York.

It is noteworthy that Donadio is a descendant of the original settlers of New Amsterdam (today’s New York) through his fraternal grandmother. Because of this reason, getting this medal from his home state of New York deeply touches him.

This is the third medal Barry Donadio has received after his military service.

On June 24th 2017, Donadio was awarded the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal. The medal was awarded 17 years after Donadio completed his military service. Congressman Andy Harris of Maryland presented the medal to Donadio in person.

On March 30th 2022, Donadio was awarded a second medal 20 years after his military service. He received the New York State Medal For Merit from New York’s Adjutant General of the Division of Military and Naval Affairs.

Donadio will add to his credentials the newly awarded Conspicuous Service Star along with his already existing, Medal For Merit, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal, National Defense Medal, and four honorable discharges to name a few.

Since completing his military service and government service, Donadio has moved to Maryland and stayed active as an advocate for other veterans. He is a member of the Catholic War Veterans Post 4 in Bellerose, New York. He is also a member of the Kent Island American Legion Post 278 and a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7464 in Grasonville, Maryland.

New York State Flag

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