Iran To Launch Attack Soon, Says Barry Donadio Of Public Security LLC

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After the attack on an Iranian military parade in Ahvaz, Iran on September 22nd 2018, Barry Donadio is warning his clients that Iran will strike U.S. interests soon.

Barry Donadio is an Anti-Terrorist Security Consultant and President of Public Security LLC. He is also a former member of the U.S. Secret Service and has served in Middle Eastern war zones during his career. He offers hypothesis on national security issues and military strategy.

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Through his firm, Donadio is warning his clients that Iran will strike back at the United States because of their perception of U.S. involvement in the attack on an Iranian military parade. When asked when, he stated “Within six months”.

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Public Security LLC monitors open source intelligence sources in and around Iran. They have become concern by Iran’s belief that the United States allegedly collaborated with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to carry out this latest attack in Iran.

Less then a month prior to the attack on the military parade, it is believed that Iran’s consulate in Basra, Iraq was attacked. There are also reports that the shrine of the Ayatollah was attacked. With the exception of the military parade attack, the other attacks went unnoticed or simply not covered by most news agencies.

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For the Iranian regime, suspicions against the U.S. are running high and it’s all about timing. The U.S. Administration may be looking to soon cut the Nuke deal with Iran that was made from the previous American Administration.

Donadio’s assessment is one of concern. He believes Iran will strike back at all parties that they believe to be involved in the recent parade attack. Donadio says that Iran will strike in the same fashion as the military parade attack and attempt to enforce an eye for an eye punishment. This means that they may attempt to take an equal amount of lives from those believed to be responsible. The most recent count of lives lost in Iran is 25.

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Donadio believes it is more likely that Iran will first retaliate against it’s old time enemy Saudi Arabia and also the UAE prior to engaging U.S. targets. If given a U.S. target of opportunity, Iran will most likely hit back.

Even though the Iranian President has allegedly stated that there will be a “Crushing Response”, Iran is not brazen and they will most likey use their alleged proxy “Hezbollah” to launch a reply.

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Donadio says Iran’s response will most likely come in the form of terrorism and focus on mimicking the attack on their military parade.

Barry Donadio, President of Public Security LLC

Donadio stated that a naval showdown is due between the United States and Iran.

Due to the overall tensions and recent saber-rattling between the U.S. and Iran, it is my belief that there will be a naval show down within one year. It will lead to a U.S. Naval vessel being attacked by Iranian Forces.”

“A naval conflict with Iran will get messy.” “We will take casualties” he said.

Donadio went on to explain that Iran has many small fast patrol boats with surface to air and surface to surface missiles, that may give any Air Force and Navy a hard time. Although they lack sophistication in many areas, Iran is not a complete pushover when it comes to their navy. Their large number of vessels will attempt swarm attacks on enemy vessels in order to quickly overwhelm and sink them. However, Iran’s Air Force would be no match for the USAF and would be severely outmatched by U.S. fighter jets.

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Barry Donadio’s Private Detectives Are Working Cases In Maryland


Private Detectives of Public Security LLC are working multiple cases in the State of Maryland in September 2018

Public Security LLC is a high profile private security and investigation firm led by Barry Donadio, a former memeber of the U.S. Secret Service.

“Cheating spouses have been a major concern for many of our clients”, says Donadio.

Public Security LLC Private Detectives have been gathering and recording evidence in order to prove or disprove that a spouse is cheating for clients in Maryland.

In other cases, the Private Detectives have been providing executive protection for vulnerable clients that have a true risk to their safety and security.

In many cases, the Police are not able to stay with a victim of a crime indefinitely. When the Police are not available to provide security, that is where Public Security LLC fills in.

The firm operates at a high level of confidentiality and professionalism for its clients and is always ready to respond to assist their clients in a moments notice.

Staff | Public Security LLC


Multiple Maryland Politicians Are Being Protected By Barry Donadio’s Executive Protection Staff

Public Security LLC Glock 17

Multiple Maryland Politicians Are Being Protected By Public Security LLC Executive Protection Staff Across The State

Politics can be a dangerous buisness these days. Whether it be an annoying heckler, a lunatic, a person with a grudge or a trained assassin, Politicians are in danger and are becoming more and more aware of the need for their personal security.

Politicians on a local level should be safe. Right? Not according to Barry Donadio, the President of Public Security LLC and a former member of the U.S. Secret Service.

Donadio says that all Politicians need to have at least one Private Detective assigned as their Bodyguard during political events and at any time the Politician have a concern.

The escalation in violence in the United States and the rise in copycat attacks on Politicians drawns concern to Donadio.

“We currently protect multiple local, middle and upper level Politicians”, according to Donadio. He won’t say who they protect becasue of the strict confidentiality that he enforces in order to add to the level of security of their clients.

“Their is security created within the secrecy of no one knowing our current clients” said Donadio.

Public Security LLC did reveal that they protected Alveda King, the niece or Dr. Martin Luther King long after their coverage had concluded back in December 2016.

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