Barry Donadio’s Private Detectives Are Working Cases In Maryland


Private Detectives of Public Security LLC are working multiple cases in the State of Maryland in September 2018

Public Security LLC is a high profile private security and investigation firm led by Barry Donadio, a former memeber of the U.S. Secret Service.

“Cheating spouses have been a major concern for many of our clients”, says Donadio.

Public Security LLC Private Detectives have been gathering and recording evidence in order to prove or disprove that a spouse is cheating for clients in Maryland.

In other cases, the Private Detectives have been providing executive protection for vulnerable clients that have a true risk to their safety and security.

In many cases, the Police are not able to stay with a victim of a crime indefinitely. When the Police are not available to provide security, that is where Public Security LLC fills in.

The firm operates at a high level of confidentiality and professionalism for its clients and is always ready to respond to assist their clients in a moments notice.

Staff | Public Security LLC


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