Multiple Maryland Politicians Are Being Protected By Barry Donadio’s Executive Protection Staff

Public Security LLC Glock 17

Multiple Maryland Politicians Are Being Protected By Public Security LLC Executive Protection Staff Across The State

Politics can be a dangerous buisness these days. Whether it be an annoying heckler, a lunatic, a person with a grudge or a trained assassin, Politicians are in danger and are becoming more and more aware of the need for their personal security.

Politicians on a local level should be safe. Right? Not according to Barry Donadio, the President of Public Security LLC and a former member of the U.S. Secret Service.

Donadio says that all Politicians need to have at least one Private Detective assigned as their Bodyguard during political events and at any time the Politician have a concern.

The escalation in violence in the United States and the rise in copycat attacks on Politicians drawns concern to Donadio.

“We currently protect multiple local, middle and upper level Politicians”, according to Donadio. He won’t say who they protect becasue of the strict confidentiality that he enforces in order to add to the level of security of their clients.

“Their is security created within the secrecy of no one knowing our current clients” said Donadio.

Public Security LLC did reveal that they protected Alveda King, the niece or Dr. Martin Luther King long after their coverage had concluded back in December 2016.

Staff | Public Security LLC


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