Photo Story #1: Barry Donadio

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As this is my first Photo Story I’d like to explain. The purpose is to create artistic representations of people doing what they do, be it their job or hobby or whatever, using my photography.

IMG_2055-1 Barry Donadio on the phone

The seed for the Photo Story concept actually came from the subject of the first one. I count myself as very, very lucky to have friends who support my photography hobby. Barry has advocated for me to push my boundaries in several ways. I hope you enjoy the results of this Photo Story!

IMG_2064-1 Barry Donadio on watch

Barry Donadio is the owner of Public Security, LLC. His company provides a variety of security and adjacent type services. I hope you will contact his company for your security needs!

IMG_2059-1 Barry Donadio on patrol

Please contact me if you would like me to do a Photo Story on you or someone you know! See…

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