Interesting Facts About Barry Donadio’s Mysterious 2nd Book



Barry Donadio’s 2nd book “That Day When Hell Froze Over”


Here are some facts that you never knew about Barry Donadio’s second Book “That Day When Hell Froze Over”. This may surprise you.

  1. It took him 10 months to write his second book “That Day When Hell Froze Over” Writing a book is an exhausting endeavor. Authors sometimes experience writer’s block and need a few days or even weeks off from writing their book. Donadio stated he could have written the book faster if he needed to. He explained that it also takes a long time to edit a book correctly. Sometimes life gets in the way of writing a book. He said he spends lots of time writing down ideas aout future books.
  2. The book has Catholic influence. Donadio is a devout Catholic that was raised in a highly traditional Catholic family on Long Island.
  3. He drew on his experience in the Catholic Church when he wrote the book. The book is also influenced by Donadio’s experience in multiple middle eastern war zones. Donadio has experience around the regions that he wrote about in the book, which gives him an ability to make the reader feel like they are actually there.
  4. The main character “Perraluke Bellows Perrin” is actually based on the Author, Barry Donadio who is a former member of the United States Secret Service.
  5. The book is portrayed in Afghanistan, Egypt, Italy, Iran and the waters near Saudi Arabia.
  6. The book has become a guide for Christians on fighting evil. More and more readers have been finding this book spiritually inspirational.
  7. Many women have become suprisingly interested in the book although Donadio geared it towards male readers.
  8. Readers want more. There has been recent demand for readers of this book to know more about the many charachters portrayed in the book and how they will end up.
  9. Donadio plans to write another book or books that will continue the original story of the Spada Furtiva and the others in the book. He also plans to elaborate on certain characters in the book.
  10. There was a 6 year time span between Donadio’s first book and his second book. Donadio says that he will speed up the pace for his third book. He plans to write his WWII science fiction book “Save The Reichstag” next. Readers won’t have to wait another six years for this book. Donadio says that he is already working on it as of February 2020.

Barry Donadio, Celebrity Author of the August 2019 book “That Day When Hell Froze Over”

Donadio’s book “That Day When Hell Froze Over”can be found on Amazon

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