Barry Donadio Talks With AT EASE Military Magazine June 2020 Issue

Barry Donadio President of Public Security LLC April 2020

Barry Donadio, President of Public Security LLC (photo by Patsy Lynch)

You’re in good hands with Barry Donadio the President of Public Security LLC, who is a former U.S. Secret Service tactical operator.

The building is as anonymous as one could find, nestled in an industrial park in Queenstown, MD., a mid-size town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. A small discreet sign is the only indication that there is a well-known, well-regarded security company. The office is functional, a few items including a small toy car, certificates from the states of Maryland and New York certifying that the occupant is fully licensed as a private detective and a firearms instructor. This is the office of Barry Donadio, President of Public Security, LLC, one of about 420 security agencies in Maryland.

Like the office where he sits, Barry Donadio presents the image of a calm, quiet man, who’s background belies his appearance. Donadio, a native of New York, his accent still present, has always been involved with some aspect of security.

The summer of his junior year in high school, Donadio participated in a then, novel program which allowed underaged (he was 17) students to join the New York (NY) Army National Guard and take part if a modified boot camp. Unlike the JROTC, this program was designed to prepare students to become fully qualified student upon graduation. After graduation, Donadio qualified as an Infantry Recon Scout, assigned to the Army National Guard on Long Island, NY. He loved being in the National Guard. “I have so much respect for the men and women I worked with. Every day, they place their lives on the line to defend this country. It was an honor to serve with them.”

After his initial commitment to the Army National Guard was completed, he joined the U.S. Army Reserve as a Military Police Officer at the 340th Military Police Company in Jamaica, Queens NY. He later transferred to the New York Air National Guard where he became a Team Leader in the Emergency Services Team and was a Security Police Officer. This assignment saw him involved with the crash of TWA Flight 800 which crashed off Long Island Sound. This experience leads him to later write his first book, “TWA Flight 800 First Responder Witness Account”.

During his posting in at the Garbreski ANG base in Westhampton Beach, Long Island, he worked with a variety of law enforcement agencies, both State and Federal. He worked along side these agencies assisting with protecting President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore who would visit the New York City area and Long Island. Several Federal Agents that he worked with encouraged him to consider working for the Federal Government and after visiting the Washington DC area, decided to apply to the Secret Service.

‘I finally did send in an application and promptly forgot about it. Image my surprise when I got a call to come in for an interview. I passed the required tests and background investigation and found myself working at the White House.”

Donadio’s job at the White House position was that part of the elite Emergency Response Team (ERT) whose job is to provide security for the President both at the White House itself and on travel to local and foreign areas. Donadio, understandably is reluctant to discuss specifics, even today, due to the nature of the job and to protect the security still in place.

Reluctant to retire completely, “I am the kind of guy who likes to stay busy.” Donadio wanted to do something in the security business and after talking with various people in and around the Washington DC area, decided to pursue his current position, which is marketed towards people who want to know that their home, family, friends and neighbors are protected from outside elements.

Determination, laser sharp focus and over all security are what Barry Donadio advances at Public Security LLC which is a high-end private security and investigation firm that provides a variety of services, from security patrols and armed protection for private events to personal security for celebrities, state and local Congressional representatives. Donadio employees Military veterans, off duty and retired police officers, Security professionals and defense industry contractors who have specialized skills that may be needed to meet the need of their clients. The company also can conduct background checks for potential employees and act as legal process servers in addition to being hired as private detectives.

“I love having prior military personnel on my list contract employee list. I know I can depend on them to provide quality services to our clients.” said Donadio.

“In addition to providing security services, I am also a Firearms instructor. Police departments and private clients in the area can use our services to ensure that their staff are up to date with their training requirements. I also conduct monthly firearm instructions for private individuals who may be interested in acquiring a permit to own and carry a gun. The state of Maryland has very strict laws regarding gun ownership and I make sure that the people who attend my classes are well trained.”

This article was originally reported by Patsy Lynch and is featured in the June 2020 issue of AT EASE Magazine

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