Handgun Qualification License Classes Taught By A Former Member Of The Secret Service 2021

Barry Donadio, Former U.S. Secret Service Emergency Response Team. The White House

With the recent state of affairs moving into 2021, it may be time you consider getting legally armed. Instructor Barry Donadio, a former member of the U.S. Secret Service can show you how.

The name “Donadio” is becoming a household name for those seeking who to go to for firearms training in Maryland. After protecting Presidents Bush and Obama, he moved into the private sector and opened his own private security firm called Public Security LLC. In addition to providing bodyguards and armed security, his firm teaches citizens how to use firearms for self-defense. He has become a major provider of the 4 hour pistol classes for those seeking their Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL) in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland and the Eastern shore. Donadio adds a nice touch for every client by sharing his cell number (202–631–1153) in case they ever have any questions during the process of obtaining their license. He does caution callers that his phone sometimes gets overwhelmed with calls. Be sure to leave a message if he doesn’t answer. He returns every call. He is also very responsive on Facebook and emails.

Donadio said; “We have had a huge increase of women seeking handgun training for self-defense”

Once students obtain their HQL, they move on to obtaining their wear and carry pistol permit. This process is is a little more complicated and it requires and addition 16 hours of training. Students also must shoot a qualifying pistol course to obtain the permit.

Donadio also teaches more advance firearms courses for student seeking to become experts with firearms.

One on one training is available for those seeking to acquire a higher comfort level with firearms prior to all formal classes.

Instructor Barry Donadio

Public Security LLC


Go Shooting With Barry Donadio

Barry Donadio United States of America

TRAIN WITH BARRY DONADIO Public Security LLC August 2020

Handgun Qualification License Class ( HQL )

August 15th 2020 9am to 3pm Check websites for future dates

Queentown, Maryland


Train with Instructor Barry Donadio, Former U.S. Secret Service

Barry Donadio protected President Bush and President Obama at the White House on a daily basis. He is now a certified instructor that teaches American Patriots how to defend their families, homes and country. He will be instructing the HQL class on August 15th

August 15th Class Facebook Event Page

Link to August 15th Handgun Qualification License Class on the website of Public Security LLC




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Barry Donadio during his Firearms training Classes in Queenstown Maryland July 18th 2020 Photo by Matthew Abbott

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