American Defender Pistol Certification

American Defender Pistol Certification by Public Security LLC


This certification is awarded to those who have displayed the ability to protect their families

Earn your certification and place in history become an American Defender Now

Instructor Barry Donadio (former US Secret Service) and Staff will train you in all defense firearms systems in order to meet all of your defensive goals.

American Defender

This certification is awarded to those who have displayed the ability to protect their families with a defense pistol at home if faced with a real world deadly physical force encounter. 

Skills required to become an American Defender

Has a valid Maryland Handgun Qualification License

Correctly recite the make, model, and caliber of their choice defense pistol

Load their pistol magazine to its capacity without the assistance of a speed loader

Correctly and efficiently load their defense pistol

Shoot 10 rounds into a B-27 silhouette target (all on target)

Safely and effectively unload their defensive pistol

Hours required to become an American Defender

6 hours of training total for those without a handgun qualification license 


2 hours of training if already in possession of a handgun qualification license.

Upon completion

Certificate issued stating all skills of the recipient and declaring the holder as 

an American Defender 


ID card issued declaring the holder as an American Defender

Note: Students can either pass or fail this certification. This is not a pay and get automatically get certified. Students should practice prior to certification. The session is 2 hours and we can train you during that 2 hours to pass but there is no guarantee. Each certification depends on the individual student. 

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More advanced certifications  and  a list of their required skills are coming very soon:

American Sentinel

American Chieftain

American Operator,  protector of the people of the United States

Secret (known only by those who are American Operator certified)

Secret (Known only by those who are certified  in the first designated certification)

Public Security LLC is also hosting multiple HQL classes in Queen Anne’s County at the American Legion Post 278 Stevensville, Maryland. 

Dates are April 23rd 2022,  May 21st 2022 , June 11th 2022. and July 9th 2022. 

The lead Instructor is Barry Donadio who is a former member of the U.S. Secret Service.

Go to the Public Security LLC website in order to review all required class expectations and protocols. Then, reserve a seat in the class and pay online. Any questions may be directed to Public Security LLC at 855–589–2267

Build Confidence

Conquer Fear

Empowering Women

One on One Instruction

Training Senior Citizens

Advanced Defensive Marksmanship

HQL Classes (Handgun Qualification License)

April 23rd 2022

May 21st 2022

June 11th 2022

July 9th 2022

All from 10am to 3pm

All held at the American Legion Post 278 Stevensville, Maryland

Handgun Qualification License (4 Hours) Our Fee $150

16 Hour Wear and Carry Permit Our Fee $500

8 Hour Refresher for Wear and Carry Permit Our Fee $300

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