Donadio Endorses Nicolee Ambrose for U.S. Congress in Maryland’s 2nd District

On June 23rd 2022, Republican Politician Barry Donadio endorsed Nicolee Ambrose She is running in Maryland’s 2nd district for U.S. Congress.

Barry Donadio said, “We need a true conservative Republican elected to such an important Congressional seat. We do not need a Republican in name only. I am fully confident that Ambrose will represent the people of Maryland with strong leadership and fairness for all”

“Ambrose has been a supporter of the minority community and has always stood for justice for all. She will put victims before criminals and bring law and order back to Maryland”

In June 2019, Ambrose arranged and supported a visit from Dr. Alveda King to Maryland. King reached out to minorities in order to successfully build relationships between them and the Maryland Republican Party.

Donadio also said “Ambrose continues to bring positivity and professionalism to the Republican Party through her leadership. She continues to be a person who constantly works to improve party policies and relationships. Her devotion and ability to mentor other Republicans is another one of her many wonderful traits. Many have benefited by her expertise.”

Donadio served as the Sergeant at Arms of the Maryland Republican Party MDGOP since 2017. Donadio is not the only Sergeant at Arms that has endorsed Ambrose for her Congressional race in 2022. Chris Fiora who served as the MDGOP Sergeant at Arms prior to Donadio has also endorsed Ambrose and pledged his support.

Donadio stated that Ambrose is the right choice for Maryland if they want to make Maryland taxes lower, increase opportunity and have justice for all.

Barry Donadio Sgt at Arms MDGOP

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