Barry Donadio Instructing Wear & Carry 16 Hour Training In Maryland

Instructor Barry Donadio teaches a 16 hour wear & carry class to new handgun owners

Pistol Instructor Barry Donadio is teaching a 16 hour Wear & Carry Training event on August 6th and August 21st, 2022 at the American Legion Post 278 Stevensville, Maryland.

The June 23rd 2022 Supreme Court ruling regarding carrying handguns for self defense has changed things quite a bit for Donadio’s security firm Public Security LLC. He is now one of the most sort out people in Maryland by people wanting to obtain their handgun permit fast. Donadio focuses on the tactical aspect of carrying a handgun and trains his students to win a gun fight in the case there are confronted with one. Donadio estimates that their may be up to 800,000 wear & carry permit applications submitted. This would make wait periods to obtain your licese potentially a year or more. He says “Get the training and application submitted now.”


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