Barry Donadio Publishes 6th Book | April 12th, 2023

On April 11th, 2023, Barry Donadio released his 6th book consisting of 30 years of research. The newly released book documents the history of the Canadian Perrin family of New York City of which he is a descendent.

The book titled “ Perrin Family History of New York” is an investigative report of family history. The new book covers the Perrin family that originated from Canada and immigrated to the city of New York in the 1880’s.

Ultimately the family marry into the Nolan, Laravuso, Koenig, Darcey, Ermlich and Donadio families. All of these are linked through blood or marriage that all settled in New York

Information was compiled through multiple sources that includes word of mouth from credible informants, census documents, birth certificates, death certificates, cross reference historical documents, photos, and other means.

In the cases that information was unknown, a hypothesis was made. Use this information and clues to assist you in completing your family history.

This report was completed by prestigious Private Detective Barry Donadio (A descendant of the Perrin family of Canada).

This book may be helpful to link your family tree.


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