Private Security Firm Remains Open During COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Ready To Respond To Security Surge Needs Public Security LLC April 2020

Public Security LLC, a high profile private security company has stated that it will remain OPEN during the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. They remain ready to offer private security services for critical national infrastructure and other clients with private security needs during the national emergency

Company President Barry Donadio said “We stand ready to respond to any request for service during this national emergency.”

Public Security LLC a unique company private military company that has distinguished itself since its inception in 2012. This is the same company that provided armed security for food being brought to the 2015 Baltimore riots and protects high-profile Politicians.

The firm is licensed in New York and Maryland as a private security and Private Detective agency. They provide armed security for high risk clients state-wide and are ready to respond to requests for service during the declared national emergency for COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Public Security LLC


Barry Donadio’s “Public Security LLC”​ Conducts Another Hiring Surge For 2017



Barry Donadio said “We are hiring again!”

He is the President of the private security and investigation firm “Public Security LLC”. The company is licensed in Maryland, Washington D.C. and New York. It is also a registered business in Virginia and is currently seeking registration in Pennsylvania. The company is a U.S. Government Contractor and is registered to do business with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

You may recall that Public Security LLC hired 65 Marylanders in November 2016.

Public Security LLC was formed in New York in August of 2012 and has been growing ever since. They have proven themselves to be trusted and able to complete security protective missions to include a deployment to the recent Baltimore riots.

Mr. Donadio explained that his company needs people that are worthy of trust and confidence. “Trust is our most important trait” said Mr. Donadio.

The paragraphs below are taken from the Public Security LLC website.


Duties: Physical security, outer perimeter executive protection, marked vehicle patrols, bike patrols, foot patrols, entry control, counter insurgency, anti-terrorism, confront and stop active shooter threats.


*Former or current Police Officer.

*Active U.S. Military

*U.S. Military Veteran

*Former of current Park Ranger, Bailiff, Public Safety, Corrections

*Former or Current Special Patrolman or Special Police

*Former or Current Code Enforcement, Harbor Master, University Police

*Licensed Security Professional


All Security Officer Applicants are required in the very least to have submitted their license to be a Security Officer in the state that they will operate in.