Donadio, Former Secret Service, Warns Against Maryland’s HB 1302 “Red Flag Bill”


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A former member of the U.S. Secret Service that protected President Bush and Obama at the White House is warning against Maryland’s HB 1302 “Red Flag” bill.

Barry Donadio is a former member of the U.S Secret Service, that is a current Candidate for Queen Anne’s County Commissioner in Maryland. He is pro second amendment and an advocate for gun owner rights.

He is opposed to a new law that would potentially rip guns from Marylander’s based on a very low threshhold of evidence. Actually, the preponderance of evidence to be exact.

That means only 1% more evidence than the opposing side. Just like small claims court. You won’t get your guns taken from you on a beyond a reasonable doubt ruling.

Under HB 1302, it appears that all anyone has to do is testify or potentially lie to the court and then, based on the testimony or potential lie, the court will issue an interim order.

Then you will be required to surrender ALL of your firearms immediately to local Police.

The order may temporarily strip you of your guns, potentially destroy your character, potentialy prevent you from obtaining a pistol permit and almost certainly flag you when you are having an employment background conducted. It will most likey also show up on a search of your name on the Maryland Case File Judiciary Lookup website. All can be based on a fraudulent accusation.

Donadio was quoted and cited the following concerns:

“In my opinion, HB 1302 undermines the U.S. Constitution by denying two constitutional rights, due process and the right to bear arms”

“HB 1302 is potentially the new way to destroy someone’s credibility and assassinate their character as well as their good standing in the community with a false claim. “

“HB 1302 is a sanctioned disarming of the population, one by one with the lowest standard of proof required to do the dirty deed.”

“HB 1302 gives birth to the potential of a new modern day Salem Witch Hunt, reincarnated in the womb by the anti-gun movement”

“I highly doubt HB 1302 will ever stop any gun violence just like the 100+ other gun laws in effect that didn’t stop any gun violence.”

“I find it more probable that this HB1302 will potentially destroy the lives of law abiding gun owners and violate their constitutional rights when false accusations are made”

“ HB 1302 gives another victory to the criminal element, America’s enemies and liberal extremists everywhere.”

Barry Donadio Spoke On The 2nd Amendment In Salisbury, Maryland


Barry Donadio gave remarks on the 2nd Amendment on June 26th to Republican constituents in Salisbury, Maryland. The Wicomico County Republican Club of Maryland hosted his appearance and discussion on the 2nd Amendment. The event was held at the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce located at 144 East Main Street in Salisbury, Maryland.

Donadio said “Our Second Amendment rights are an individual right and not for only those serving in the military.” During his talk, Donadio expressed his belief that the Second Amendment is a women’s rights issue. He said “Every female U.S. Citizen over the age of 18 and without a serious criminal history should have the unrestricted right to carry a concealed handgun on their person for self defense.” Donadio also cited the findings of the Supreme Court ruling “District of Columbia v. Heller”, which supports limiting infringements to the Second Amendment.

Donadio told constituents to never give up protecting the rights of the Second Amendment as it is an amendment that safeguards our liberties. Donadio advised the group to legally and safely exercise Second Amendment rights as the U.S. Constitution grants us to.

The presentation was very well received by what appeared to be a Pro-Second Amendment audience. In attendance, were the President of the Wicomico County Republican Club Shawn Bradley, Maryland State Delegate Johnny Mautz, Wicomico Republican Central Committeewoman Julie Brewington, Maryland State Senator Addie Eckardt, Maryland State Circuit Court Judge Matthew A. Maciarello and the first female Police Chief of Salisbury, Barbara Duncan.

Mr. Donadio said; ” I appreciate the hospitality of the Wicomico Republican Club President Shawn Bradley.”

Barry Donadio led an honorable career in the Volunteer Ambulance Service, Volunteer Fire Department, the Military, Law Enforcement, and the United States Secret Service. He was assigned to the White House during the Bush and Obama Administrations. He also served in multiple Middle Eastern war zones during his career. In 2013, he authored the book ” TWA Flight 800 First Responder Witness Account”. In 2014, he was elected to the Queen Anne’s County Republican Central Committee in Maryland. He currently serves as President of Public Security LLC. He is also a Maryland State Police certified pistol instructor that offered free training for the entire MDGOP. In January 2017, he was appointed the Sergeant At Arms of the Maryland Republican Party. Donadio has publicly taken strong stances on the Second Amendment. He has also supported and endorsed Pro-Second Amendment Republican Politicians and candidates for office in recent years.