Barry Donadio To Instruct Multiple Handgun Qualification License Classes In Stevensville, Maryland In 2022

A Student of Barry Donadio’s HQL Class aims in with a Glock 17 9mm pistol

Public Security LLC is hosting multiple HQL classes in Queen Anne’s County at the American Legion Post 278 Stevensville, Maryland. Dates are January 16th 2022, February 20th 2022 and March 12th 2022. The lead Instructor is Barry Donadio who is a former member of the U.S. Secret Service.

Barry Donadio, Pistol Instructor

Go to the Public Security LLC website in order to review all required class expectations and protocols. Then, reserve a seat in the class and pay online. Any questions may be directed to Public Security LLC at 855–589–2267

Barry Donadio Pistol Instructor is a Former member of the U.S. Secret Service

Build Confidence

Conquer Fear

Empowering Women

One on One Instruction

Training Senior Citizens

Advanced Defensive Marksmanship

Handgun Qualification License (4 Hours) Our Fee $150

16 Hour Wear and Carry Permit Our Fee $500

8 Hour Refresher for Wear and Carry Permit Our Fee $300

Public Security LLC

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